Sitemap - 2022 - The Daily Bitcoiner

TD₿:What's a Debt Spiral, and is the US already in one? by James Lavish

TD₿: Bitcoin Transaction Fees by Joe Burnett and Pierre Rochard

TD₿: Analyzing Bitcoin's Network Effect by Lyn Alden

TD₿: Hardware Tutorial Videos by BTC Sessions

TD₿: Swan Bitcoin Gift Guide 2022 by Kristin Thompson

TD₿: Bitcoin has no intrinsic value: Debunked by Arman the Parman

TD₿: An Analysis of Bitcoin’s Use in Illicit Finance by Michael Morrell

TD₿: A Vision for a Value-Enabled Web by Gigi

TD₿: The Invisible Cost of War in the Age of Quantitative Easing by Alex Gladstein

TD₿: The Case for Privacy by David D. Friedman

TD₿: Bitcoin is a Pioneer Species (a podcast) by Peter McCormack with Brandon Quittem

TD₿: The Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto by Erik Cason

TD₿: Everyone's a Scammer by Michael Goldstein

TD₿: Mastering Bitcoin (book) by Andreas Antonopoulos

TD₿: Bitcoin, Not Crypto by Preston Pysh with Cory Klippsten

TD₿: FTX’s Collapse Was a Crime, Not an Accident by David Z. Morris

TD₿: ERCOT Shows that Bitcoin Miners are Benefitting the Texas Grid (a thread) by Mags Gronowska

TD₿: A More Complete Picture of Bitcoin's Energy Usage by Daniel Batten

TD₿: The Euro: A Train That’s Running Out of Track by Sam Callahan

TD₿: BlockFi and the Mystery of Finance by Zane Pocock

TD₿: Is Bitcoin the Future of Money? (a debate) by Erik Voorhees and Peter Schiff

TD₿: Thank A Maxi (a video) by The Hard Money Show with Natalie Brunell

TD₿: The Barely Discussed, Incredible Benefit of the Lightning Network by Guy Swann

TD₿: Proof of Reserves: A Report on Mitigating Crypto Custody Risk by Matthew Pines and David Zell

TD₿: Bitcoin Banks by Saifedean Ammous with Caitlin Long

TD₿: 2022 Institutional Investor Digital Assets Study by Fidelity Digital Assets

TD₿: You Need to Withdraw Your Bitcoin by Captain Sidd

TD₿: Debunking the ESG Attack on Bitcoin by Spencer Nichols

TD₿: Why It’s Hard to “Get” Bitcoin: The Blockchain Spectrum by Dhruv Bansal

TD₿: Bitcoin will 5x in the next 3 years, with or without you by Jesse Myers

TD₿: The Lightning Torch's Bitcoin Payment is Running a Worldwide Marathon by Colin Harper & How Many Wrongs Make a Wright? by Jameson Lopp

TD₿: Keynote Speech at the 2022 Atlas Society Gala by Michael Saylor

TD₿: The Crypto-Currency: Bitcoin and its Mysterious Inventor by Joshua Davis

TD₿: Bitcoin Mining 101 by Peter McCormack with Harry Sudock

TD₿: The History of Government Monetary Intervention by Murray Rothbard

TD₿: Bitcoin is Venice: Sustaining the Unsustainable by Allen Farrington and Sacha Meyers

TD₿: Contagion by Arthur Hayes

TD₿: Bitcoin is Revolutionizing the Legacy Energy Industry by John Vallis with Marty Bent and Steve Barbour

TD₿: How Legacy Finance Perceives Bitcoin by John Haar

TD₿: Bitcoin is Common Sense by Parker Lewis

TD₿: Bitcoin is Element Zero (a film) by Ioni Appelberg & Knut Svanholm and narrated by Guy Swann

TD₿: Comeback Country: The Story of El Salvador (a film) by Bitcoin Shooter

TD₿: The Timechain Codex (a graphic novel) by FractalEncrypt translating Dhruv Bansal

TD₿: Can Bitcoin Replace Government-Issued Money? (a debate) by Saifedean Ammous & George Selgin

TD₿: Stop Drinking the Elite's Kool-Aid by Nayib Bukele

TD₿: Internet vs Bitcoin (a video) by Safello

TD₿: Let's Invent Bitcoin Together! by David St-Onge and Narrated by Guy Swann

TD₿: Inflation or Recession by Lyn Alden

TD₿: Why the U.S. Should Reject Central Bank Digital Currencies by Natalie Smolenski

TD₿: A Sovereign Debt Bubble Mixed with an Inflation Crisis (a thread) by Stack Hodler

TD₿: Bitcoin Banking Systems: Full Reserve vs. Free Banking by Eric Yakes

TD₿: Bitcoin is a Pioneer Species by Brandon Quittem

TD₿: Completely Offline Bitcoin Transactions by grubles

TD₿: Bitcoin Transaction Fees: The Future Economics of Bitcoin Settlement by Joe Burnett and Pierre Rochard

TD₿: Bitcoin is the Most ESG-Friendly Investment in my Clients' Portfolios by Andy Edstrom

TD₿: Protecting Bitcoin’s Censorship Resistance by BitMEX Research feat. Dylan LeClair

TD₿: A Bitcoiner's Guide to Proof of Stake by Scott Sullivan

TD₿: The Future of Bitcoin Mining Protocols: Making Every Watt Count by Rachel Rybarczyk

TD₿: Why the Ethereum Merge is a Monumental Blunder by Checkmate

TD₿: Max and Stacy, Like You've Never Heard Them Before by Daniel Prince with Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert

TD₿: Against the Minimum Majority Measure by David A. Harding

TD₿: The Legendary Treasure of Satoshi Nakamoto by Tomer Strolight

TD₿: I, Pencil by Leonard E. Read

TD₿: How Bitcoin Mining Can Transform the Energy Industry by Anders Helseth and Jaran Mellerud

TD₿: Four Horseman (a documentary) by Renegade, Inc

TD₿: How to Mine Bitcoin [Beginner’s Guide] by Braiins

TD₿: How Prices Keep Us from Squandering Resources by Jacob Dowell

TD₿: Bitcoin Is a Monumental Event in Human History by Erik Cason

TD₿: Is ESG An Attack On Bitcoin? with Marty Bent, Troy Cross, Jaime Leverton, and Greg Beard

TD₿: Innovation is Unstoppable by Jeff Booth with Robert Breedlove

TD₿: Bitcoin is a Better Store of Value than Real Estate by John Tuld

TD₿: Map of the Bitcoin Network by Gloria Zhao

TD₿: The Great Reset and The Rise of Bitcoin (a film) by Pierre Corbin

TD₿: Bitcoin's Habitats by Gigi

TD₿: Bitcoin as Free Speech by Naval Ravikant

TD₿: Your Guide for Using Bitcoin Privately by Rijndael and Mark Goodwin

TD₿: What the heck is #Stackchain? by Simon Satoshi

TD₿: A Look At the Lightning Network by Lyn Alden

TD₿: Why the State Demands Control of Money by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

TD₿: How to Use Mempool.Space by Alex Min

TD₿: Understanding Money & Exponential Technologies by BitcoinTINA

TD₿: Trusted Third Parties are Security Holes by Nick Szabo

TD₿: The History of Davos and the World Economic Forum by Ansel Lindner

TD₿: The Blocksize War's Cyber-Soldier Freedom-Fighters by Tomer Strolight

TD₿: The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin by Benjamin Wallace

TD₿: Austrian Monetary Economics & Bitcoin by Stephan Livera with Dr. Guido Hülsmann

TD₿: Bitcoin’s Incentive Scheme and the Rational Individual by Hugo Nguyen

TD₿: How Not To Critique Bitcoin by Conner Brown

TD₿: Bitcoin Fixes Remittances by F. Cary Snyder

TD₿: Bitcoin Must Become Untraceable by ReasonTV

TD₿: Bitcoin as Sound Money by Saifedean Ammous with Pierre Rochard and Michael Goldstein

TD₿: Inflation Fights Innovation by Jeff Booth with Robert Breedlove

TD₿: Bitcoin's Censorship-Resistance Test: Canada (a film) by ReasonTV

TD₿: Bitcoin is like Noise Cancellation for the Grid (a thread) by Level39

TD₿: Inflation-related Protests (a thread) by Alex Brammer

TD₿: Bitcoin Mining & The Grid (Part 2): Transmission, Curtailment, and Behind-The-Meter by Blake King

TD₿: Bitcoin and the True Meaning of Inflation by Steven Lubka

TD₿: Economic Japanification: Not What You Think by Lyn Alden

TD₿: Riding the Lightning Network by Sam Callahan

TD₿: Bitcoin Fixes This (a film) by Till Musshoff

TD₿: Politics vs. Technology by Hal Finney

TD₿: Difficulty Adjustment is Why Bitcoin Will Never Die by David Z. Morris

TD₿: Bitcoin Mining & The Grid (Part 1): Generators by Blake King

TD₿: Bitcoin is the Economic Singularity by Ryan Dickherber

TD₿: Nobody Understands Bitcoin (And That's Ok) by Jameson Lopp

TD₿: Explain Bitcoin Like I’m Five by Nik Custodio

TD₿: How Bitcoin Protects Americans from Inflation by Avik Roy

TD₿: Don't Get Rekt by Andy Edstrom

TD₿: Fact Check: DARPA Funded Report on Blockchain Centralization by Yan Pritzker and Tomer Strolight

TD₿: The Recent Collapse in Crypto Debt Structures by Caitlin Long with Robert Breedlove

TD₿: Bitcoin Turning into a Multi-layered System is the Most Interesting Thing in Crypto by Berkes Kessels

TD₿: On Turning Stranded Energy into Bitcoin by Chase Lochmiller with Matt Walsh

TD₿: Bitcoin is the Real Innovation, Not Crypto (a thread) by Lyn Alden

TD₿: Bitcoin is a Decentralized Organism (a video) by Power Laws

TD₿: Does the National Debt Matter? by Lyn Alden

TD₿: Things People Say in Bear Markets (a thread) by Dan McArdle

TD₿: Bitcoin's Climate Change Problem is Debunked (a video) by Students for Liberty

TD₿: Bitcoiners are Not Toxic — They Have Integrity by Tomer Strolight

TD₿: The Fiat Dollar System is No Privilege: The Burden and Why the U.S. Will Adopt Bitcoin by Ansel Lindner

TD₿: The Bitcoin Lightning Network: Bitcoin's Payment Solution by NYDIG

TD₿: Can Governments Stop Bitcoin? by Alex Gladstein

TD₿: Building a Zero Carbon Bitcoin Miner by Paul Prager with Nic Carter

TD₿: Why doesn’t Bitcoin move from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake? (a thread) by Namcios

TD₿: Bitcoin Cultures (a presentation) by Giacomo Zucco

TD₿: Bitcoin: Knowledge and Perceptions (a report) by Block, Inc.

TD₿: Catallaxy: the Origins of Bitcoin, Innovation and Spontaneous Order by Francis Pouliot

TD₿: The Quiet Master of Cryptocurrency by Nick Szabo with Tim Ferriss

TD₿: Measuring Decentralization by Paul Sztorc

TD₿: The Art of Bitcoin Rhetoric: How to Meme Bitcoin to the Moon (a presentation) by Bitstein

TD₿: Why Bitcoin Matters by Marc Andreessen

TD₿: Getting Off Zero: Bitcoin's Role in Modern Investment Portfolios by Jack Neureuter

TD₿: 7 Surprising Facts About Bitcoin Pizza Day by Pete Rizzo

TD₿: The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin by Nicolas Mross

TD₿: What the fees? Understanding the Costs of Bitcoin Transactions by Buck Perley

TD₿: How Easy Money Is Rotting America from the Inside-Out by David Veksler

TD₿: 12 and 24 Word Mnemonic Phrases (a thread) by John Cantrell

TD₿: The State of Lightning: Volume 2 by Arcane Research

TD₿: Bitcoiners: The Future Capital Allocators of the World (a presentation) by American Hodl

TD₿: What Bitcoin Did in 2018 by Marty Bent with Peter McCormack

TD₿: On Altcoin Valuation by Jimmy Song

TD₿: Bitcoin Is The Only Way To Opt-Out by Rhythm Trader

TD₿: ESG Investing: Mostly Theater, Little Substance (a thread) by Lyn Alden

TD₿: Why You Must Set Up a Bitcoin DCA Plan by Hass McCook with Stephan Livera

TD₿: Bitcoin Astronomy by Dhruv Bansal

TD₿: What Is Bitcoin Backed By? (a thread) by Eric Yakes

TD₿: Bitcoin’s Existential Crisis by Nic Carter

TD₿: What is Crypto Decentralization and Why Bitcoin Stands Alone by Tone Vays

TD₿: A Private Jet Bitcoin Interview with Ricardo Salinas, Max Keiser, and Stacy Herbert

TD₿: The Last Days of Satoshi: What Happened When Bitcoin's Creator Disappeared by Pete Rizzo

TD₿: Why I Don't Own Ethereum (a thread) by Preston Pysh

TD₿: Proof-of-work vs. Proof-of-stake (a video) by yungfi

TD₿: How Cryptography Redefines Private Property by Hugo Nguyen

TD₿: We Need To Talk About The Not Science Behind Digiconomist by Ben Gagnon

TD₿: 6102 Bitcoin by 6102 with Stephan Livera

TD₿: Princes of the Yen (a film) based on the book by Richard Werner

TD₿: The Separation of Money and State by Allen Farrington

TD₿: A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace by John Perry Barlow

TD₿: Recovery Seed, PIN and Passphrase by SatoshiLabs

TD₿: Bitcoin as Battery by Nick Grossman

TD₿: Worse than Useless: Financial Surveillance by Andreas Antonopoulos

TD₿: Inalienable Property Rights by Gigi

TD₿: Sharding Centralizes Ethereum by Selling You Scaling-In Disguised as Scaling-Out by StopAndDecrypt

TD₿: A Declaration of Monetary Independence by Brady Swenson

TD₿: Bitcoin in One Lesson by Parker Lewis

TD₿: Banking the Unbanked with Jack Dorsey and Alex Gladstein

TD₿: Bitcoin Use Cases (a thread) by Anil

TD₿: How to Get the Most From In-Person Bitcoin Events by Stephan Livera

TD₿: Principles for Dealing with the World Order (a video) by Ray Dalio

TD₿: The Fraying of the US Global Currency Reserve System by Lyn Alden

TD₿: The Greatest Game by Jeff Booth

TD₿: The Questionable Ethics of Bitcoin ESG Junk Science by Level39

TD₿: Swan Fundstrat Webinar with Tom Lee

TD₿: Gold, Coinage, and Bitcoin (a thread) by Giacomo Zucco

TD₿: Bitcoin and U.S. National Security by Matthew Pines

TD₿: How Centralized is Bitcoin Mining Really? by Shinobi

TD₿: People That Are STILL in Denial About Bitcoin! by JP Sears

TD₿: Bitcoin: A Bold American Future by Conner Brown

TD₿: Natural Gas Venting: How Bitcoin Solved a 160-Year-Old Problem by Steve Barbour

TD₿: Anatomy of the State (a film) by Richard James

TD₿: Umbrel: How To Run A Bitcoin Node - Parts, Assembly and Software Installation by BTC Sessions

TD₿: Differences between Private Keys, Signing Devices, and Wallet Software (a thread) by Ben Kaufman

TD₿: What are the Key Properties of Bitcoin? by Jameson Lopp

TD₿: Green Innovation in Bitcoin Mining: Recycling ASIC Heat by Braiins

TD₿: The Invisible Cost of War in the Age of Quantitative Easing by Alex Gladstein

TD₿: 2021: Bitcoin Mining's Big Year by Karim Helmy and Brandon Bailey

TD₿: Supporting the Developer Ecosystem by ARK Invest

TD₿: The Importance of Self-Sovereignty by Nick Neuman

TD₿: How SHA-256 and Mining Protect the Bitcoin Network by Arman the Parman

TD₿: Why Bitcoin Matters for Freedom by Alex Gladstein

TD₿: Why Bitcoin? by Wiz

TD₿: Blockchain Proof-of-Work is a Decentralized Clock by Gregory Trubetskoy

TD₿: Is Bitcoin the Myspace of Crypto? by Yan Pritzker

TD₿: Bitcoin's Energy Crisis: Fact or Fiction? by Power Laws

TD₿: Investments in Bitcoin Tech by Preston Pysh with Alyse Killeen

TD₿: Scarcity Unlocked in the Digital Age by Vijay Boyapati

TD₿: Cryptocurrency is the Future of Money, Banking, and Finance by Tuur Demeester

TD₿: Bitcoin Privacy: Best Practices by Matt Odell and Gigi

TD₿: A Conversation With Edward Snowden at the Bitcoin 2019 Conference

TD₿: The Lightning Network in the Old West by jratcliff63367

TD₿: Masters and Slaves of Money by Robert Breedlove

TD₿: Why the Bitcoin Dominance Index is Deceiving by Jimmy Song

TD₿: 8 Trends That Will Shape Bitcoin Mining in 2022 by Aoyan Ashraf and Eliza Gkritsi

TD₿: Discreet Log Contracts (Parts 1-4) by Nadav Kohen

TD₿: Bitcoin First by Fidelity Digital Assets

TD₿: Bitcoin is Not for Criminals by Parker Lewis

TD₿: Why We Need Bitcoin by Peter McCormack with Andreas Antonopoulos

TD₿: Bitcoin: A way to make the oil and gas industry more resilient by Marty Bent

TD₿: Bitcoin's Gravity by Gigi

TD₿: Bitcoin, Fiat, and War (a thread) by Saifedean Ammous

TD₿: Wealth Inequality: Background, Basis, and Bitcoin by Christopher Calicott

TD₿: Ideal Money and Asymptotically Ideal Money (a lecture) by John F. Nash Jr.

TD₿: Unpacking Bitcoin's Assurances by Nic Carter

TD₿: The Triumvirate of Liquidity by Nik Bhatia

TD₿: How Bitcoin is Like A Giant Cybernetic Meta-Brain by Tomer Strolight

TD₿: Applying Carl Menger to the Monetization of Bitcoin by Rollo McFloogle

TD₿: How Bitcoin Actually Works (a video) by Hello Bitcoin

TD₿: A Rebuttal to Energy FUD (a thread) by Nic Carter

TD₿: Money Messiah: God, Bitcoin, and The Evolution of Consciousness by John Vallis

TD₿: Bitcoin's Seven Layers of Security by Robert Breedlove with Michael Saylor

TD₿: Why Every Investor Needs to Consider Bitcoin as Portfolio Insurance by Greg Foss

TD₿: Bitcoin Banks by Hal Finney

TD₿: Uncovering the Hidden Costs of the Petrodollar by Alex Gladstein

TD₿: Bitcoin and Our Deflationary Future by Stephan Livera with Jeff Booth

TD₿: UASF (a video) by Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert

TD₿: The 4th Bitcoin Epoch and You (a thread) by John Vallis

TD₿: Cryptosovereignty by Erik Cason

TD₿: Satoshi's Original Email Thread by Satoshi Nakamoto