TL;DR The U.S. Federal Reserve is now operating at a financial loss.
TL;DR Price inflation has multiple causes.
TL;DR Start stacking sats (small fractions of Bitcoin) today, as Bitcoin is the future of money and essential for a complex society to function.
TL;DR Bitcoin is a fight for freedom as central bankers and politicians scramble to provide stimulus to a fracturing economy.
TL;DR Bitcoin's perfect security and convenience make fractional reserve banking obsolete.
TL;DR Larger banks are in decent shape, smaller banks are still at risk.
TL;DR A CBDC would increase costs, reduce privacy, and create more barriers to financial inclusion, not less.
TL;DR For proponents of privacy and open networks to win becomes a matter of making the technology easy to use, too costly to stamp out, and…
TL;DR In November 2012, Tuur urged investors and fund managers to look at Bitcoin with the looming prospects of immense money printing.
TL;DR Bitcoin is the first successful wide-scale implementation of triple entry accounting.
TL;DR A close look at how non-elected Fed officials manipulate the economy setting interest rates and monetary policy.