Sitemap - 2023 - The Daily Bitcoiner

TD₿: Why Bitcoin, Gold, and Stocks Are All Rising - (a Swan Signal Live video) with Dr. Jeff Ross

TD₿: Bitcoin into the Future - (a fireside chat with Cory Klippsten) - from Pacific Bitcoin 2023

TD₿: Paper Trading in Bitcoin - (a Swan original video) with Rapha Zagury:

TD₿: Elizabeth Warren's War on ₿itcoin - (a Swan original video)

TD₿: ₿itcoin Marketing ₿litz - (a Swan original video) with Hurley

TD₿: How to Separate Money From Politics - (a Swan original video) with Hurley

TD₿: Jeff Booth | ₿itcoin is Repricing the Entire System - (a podcast) from Swan Signal

The Current State of Bitcoin with Lyn Alden - (a video) from Pacific Bitcoin 2023

$5 Million Bitcoin? FASB & Fed Pivot - (a Swan original video) with Hurley

Natalie Brunell & Stephan Livera (a podcast) - Bitcoin Education | EP 136 from Swan Signal

The Bullish Case For Bitcoin with Vijay Boyapati - (a video) from Pacific Bitcoin 2023

Bitcoin Derangement Syndrome - (a Swan original video) with Hurley

Why Central Banking is a Scam - (a video guest appearance on Kitco News) with Cory Klippsten

A Bitcoin Perfect Storm (a Swan original video) with Hurley

Swan Bitcoin Launches Institutional Division, Deploys $205M Across Equity, Credit, and Hedge Funds

A Tsunami of Capital is Coming to Bitcoin - (a Swan original video) with Hurley

Will Bitcoin Flip Gold This Cycle? - (a Swan original video) with Hurley

Lyn Alden Explains Why Owning Real Bitcoin is Better than an ETF - (a video) with Terrence Yang

Bitcoin Supply Shock Meets Flood of ETF Approvals - (a video) from Simply Bitcoin

The Money Printer is Coming - Buy Bitcoin! - (a video) with Greg Foss, Larry Lepard, Preston Pysh, and James Lavish

The Impact & Opportunity of Bitcoin in your Portfolio - (a video) with Alex Thorn and Sam Callahan

Attack on Bitcoin Self Custody? - (a video) with Burt Hurley

Steven Lubka Talks the Spot Bitcoin ETF (a video) - on CNBC

How Bitcoin Defunds War with Erik Cason (a video) - with Erik Cason

Lyn Alden: What is the Proper Bitcoin Portfolio Allocation? (a video) - with Steven Lubka

Welcome to Bitcoin | Introductory Course - an (educational video series) with Natalie Brunell

Is Javier Milei the New Bitcoin President? with Burt Hurley (a video) - from Swan Bitcoin

Lyn Alden Breaks Down the Proper Retirement Allocation (a video) - with Steven Lubka and Terrance Yang

Bitcoin is a Better System (a video) - from the Bitcoin Veteran's Podcast

What is the Bitcoin Bull Market Multiplier? (a video) - from the Swan Bitcoin Team

Preston Pysh: The Bond Market is on FIRE (a video) - from Pacific Bitcoin

Why Bitcoin Deserves a Place in Your Retirement with Lyn Alden (a live seminar) - hosted by Swan Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Cheat Code with Peter McCormack - (a video) from Pacific Bitcoin

Bitcoin Veterans, Hosted by Alex Stanczyk (a video) - from Pacific Bitcoin

Mycelium of Money with Brandon Quittem (a video) - from Pacific Bitcoin

Blue Collar Bitcoin Live - (a video) from Pacific Bitcoin

Bitcoin Privacy & Sovereignty Tools - (a video) from Pacific Bitcoin

Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert - Volcano Energy (a video) from Pacific Bitcoin

Transforming Energy into Human Potential - (a video) from Pacific Bitcoin

Bitcoin & Technological Revolutions with Mark Moss (a video) from Pacific Bitcoin

Investing in the Bitcoin Ecosystem with Stephan Livera (a video) - from Pacific Bitcoin

NOSTR Vox Populi (Voice of the People) (a video) - from Pacific Bitcoin

Personal Finance Strategies for Bitcoiners (a video) - from Pacific Bitcoin

Miss El Salvador (a video) - Keynote Address from Pacific Bitcoin

Cory Klippsten on Yahoo Finance (a video) - Bitcoin Spot ETF is Inevitable

The Answer to Life the Universe & Everything (a panel) from Pacific Bitcoin

Bitcoin Core Concepts for Beginners (a panel) from Pacific Bitcoin

The Satoshi Papers: Politics After Bitcoin (a panel) from Pacific Bitcoin

Fighting for Liberty in the Digital Age - (a panel discussion) from Pacific Bitcoin 2023

Boil the Oceans with Fred Thiel - (a panel discussion) from Pacific Bitcoin 2023

Orange Pilling The Masses - (a panel discussion) from Pacific Bitcoin 2023

The Bitcoin Revolution with Erik Cason - (a panel discussion) from Pacific Bitcoin 2023

The Future of The Future of Bitcoin Custody - (a panel discussion) from Pacific Bitcoin 2023

The Future of Payments with Bitcoing and Lightning - (a panel discussion) from Pacific Bitcoin 2023

Avoiding the Debt Spiral with Bitcoin - (a panel discussion) from Pacific Bitcoin 2023

A Trillion Reasons to Bitcoin - (a panel discussion) from Pacific Bitcoin 2023

Bitcoin & The Future in a Fragmenting World - (a panel discussion) from Pacific Bitcoin 2023

Broken Money & Bitcoin with Lyn Alden (a fire side chat) by Swan Bitcoin

Pacific Bitcoin is the Flagship Event to Celebrate Bitcoiners (an event) by Swan Bitcoin

Mark Moss: Bitcoin and Technological Revolutions(a video) with Sam Callahan

Bitcoin: A Buoy in the Waves of Inflation (an article) by Sam Callahan

Jeff Booth: Why Do We Have Inflation? (a video) from Pacific Bitcoin

Mark Moss: Bitcoin, Inflation, and the "Everything Bubble" (a video) with Sam Callahan on Swan Signal Live

Bitcoin & The Mother of All Short Squeezes (a video)

Lyn Alden: How Bitcoin Flips the Current Financial Regime (a video) from Pacific Bitcoin 2022

Brandon Quittem: Future Outlook for Bitcoin and the Economy (a video) by Swan Signal with Neil Howe

Swan's Terrence Yan (a video) on Bloomberg Talking Bitcoin

Dylan LeClair: Bitcoin's Future Outlook (a video) by Swan Signal with Joe Consorti

How to Separate Money From Politics (a video) by Peter St. Onge

An Ode, to a Cypherpunk Legend...

Bitcoin Revolution is in the Air (a video) by Simply Bitcoin

Lyn Alden: Lyn Alden: Bitcoin's Price and Volatility Explained - (a video) with Sam Callahan

Inflation is Killing US Dollar (a video) by Hurley

2023 is a Ripe Environment for Central Bank Failure (an article) by Sam Callahan

TD₿: Big Bitcoin Win in Costa Rica (an update) by Bull Bitcoin

Accounting for Bitcoin in a World of Rising Oil Prices (an article) by Sam Callahan

Lyn Alden: Bitcoin and Artificial Intelligence - (a video) with Sam Callahan

Peter St Onge: Inflation, Debt Bubbles & Powell's Hawkish Behavior (a video)- with Sam Callahan

Saylor Wins Again : New Bitcoin Accounting Rules (a video)- with Terrence Yang and Nico Moran

Bitcoin’s Incentive Scheme and the Rational Individual - (a classic article) by Hugo Nguyen

Bitcoin Is Already A Medium of Exchange - (a Twitter thread) by Bitstein

Terrence Yang on Bitcoin Spot ETFs - (a short video) from Yahoo Finance

Interview with Max and Stacy from Bit Block Boom - (a video) with Nico Moran

Bloomberg Analysts: Spot Bitcoin ETFs Now Have 75% Odds Of Launching This Year - (an article) by Nik Hoffman

Bitcoin Awakens from Its Summer Slumber - (an article) by Sam Callahan

Joe Consorti: Bitcoin Price Volatility Explained - (a video) also with Sam Callahan and TXMC

Blockstream's Core Lightning Integrates Splicing - (an article) By Nik Hoffman

The Speed of Transactions vs the Speed of Settlements - (an article) By Lyn Alden

Bitcoin: An Endless Chain of Mysteries - (an article) By Tomer Strolight

Max Keiser: Why the IMF Hates Bitcoin - (a video) with Sam Callahan

Could Bitcoin Mitigate Runaway Methane Emissions? - (an article) by Daniel Batten - (a one page website)

"Fiat Ruins Everything" - Jimmy Song's New Book Announced - (an article) by Craig Deutch

'Bitcoin Bonnie and Clyde' Plead Guilty to Billion Dollar Crypto Laundering Scheme (an article) by Nikki Main

Bitcoin — The Natural Choice For Artificial Intelligence (an article) by Tomer Strolight

Max Keiser: Wall Street's Interest in Bitcoin (a video) featuring Sam Callahan

The Phoenix Trade (an article) by Sam Callahan

Michael Saylor's 12-Month Outlook (a video) featuring Natalie Brunell

Try Out "The Spirit of Satoshi" - an AI Model Trained On Bitcoin Knowledge

True Price Discovery with Bitcoin (a video) Featuring Max Keiser

What is the Liquid Network? (a video) Featuring Samson Mow and Sam Callahan

Imagine There Are Only $21 Million In the Entire World (a thread) by Terence Michael

Bitcoin's Role in the ESG Imperative (a pdf report) by KPMG

Bitcoin Is Not Crypto, The SEC Confirms (an article) by Forbes' Martin Leo Rivers

Bitcoin and the Rhythms of History (an article) by Brandon Quittem

Take Custody of Your Bitcoin Before It’s Too Late (a video) by Hard Money

Bitcoin Is Generational Wealth (a video) by Swan Studios

The Bitcoin Breakthrough (an article) by Tomer Strolight

My Thoughts on Institutional Bitcoin Adoption (a video) Featuring Cory Klippsten and Dom Bei

Masters and Slaves of Money (an article) by Robert Breedlove

Bitcoin Maximalism Explained (a video) featuring Natalie Brunell

A Letter to All of You Who Still Have No Bitcoin (an article) by Gigi

Jimmy Song on His Journey through Bitcoin (a video) with Nico Moran

Copernicus' Theory On the Quantity of Money (an article) by Bitcoin Graffiti

Thoughts on the Blackrock ETF (a video) with Lyn Alden

My Latest Interview on CNBC (a video)

Protection Against the Financial System Requires Self Custody (an article) by David Waugh

Institutional Interest in Bitcoin is Here (a video) featuring Michael Saylor and Natalie Brunell

The Substance of Bitcoin (an article) Tomer Strolight

Bitcoin Is Winning in the Regulatory Landscape (an article) by Julian Liniger

How Bitcoin Fixes the Energy Crisis (a video) featuring Natalie Brunell

Bitcoin Can Make Housing Affordable Again (an article) by Leon Wankum

Satoshi's Gift to Humanity (a video) featuring Erik Cason and Stephan Livera

Bitcoin Functions Like a Biological Network (a podcast) featuring Brandon Quittem and Preston Pysh

How Bitcoin Provides Hope for the Future (a video) featuring Saifedean Ammous

The Great Institutional Bitcoin Capitulation (an article) by Sam Callahan

The United State of Bitcoin (an article) by Tomer Strolight

What is a Bitcoin Cold Storage Wallet? (a video) w/Rodolfo Novak and Natalie Brunell

Michael Saylor Presents the Investment Case for Bitcoin (BTC Prague 2023 Fireside Chat) w/Eric Weiss

Bitcoin, Not Blockchain (an article) by Parker Lewis

Bitcoin Nation State Adoption (a video) featuring Samson Mow

Bitcoin is The Mycelium of Money (an article) by Brandon Quittem

SEC vs. Crypto (a video) featuring Natalie Brunnel

Bitcoin's Logo: The Story of the Big Orange “B” (an article) by Adriana Hamacher

Welcome to the Dawn of the Bitcoin Renaissance (a video) featuring Brady Swenson

Michael Saylor's Keynote from Bitcoin Prague (a video)

Cory Klippsten Interview on Bloomberg TV

TD₿: Blackrock Nears Filing for a Bitcoin ETF (an article) by Nik Hoffman

TD₿: Artificial Intelligence & Bitcoin (short video) featuring Guy Swann and Sam Callahan

TD₿: Swan Launches @swan Handle on Twitter

TD₿: How to Get Boomers to Consider Bitcoin (an article) by Dan Weintraub

TD₿: Bitcoin's Price and Hashrate Charted (A Short Video) by Basem Alas

TD₿: Michael Saylor's Origin Story (A Video) by Hard Money

TD₿: Living on Bitcoin in El Salvador (a Twitter thread) By Luke Mikic

TD₿: Lyn Alden and Preston Pysh on SEC v Binance (a video)

TD₿: SEC charges Binance with mishandling funds and violating securities laws, (an article) by Fatima Hussein

TD₿: Michael Saylor - Bitcoin Treasury (a video) featuring Natalie Brunell

TD₿: The Perfect Solution to Broken Money (a video) featuring Natalie Brunell

TD₿: Bitcoin powers sustainable energy infrastructure in rural Africa (an article) by Ana Nicenko

TD₿: A Bitcoin Halving Primer (an article) by Swan Bitcoin

TD₿: The Debt Ceiling (a short video) featuring Lyn Alden

TD₿: Bitcoin Core 25.0 Released (an article) by BTCCasey

TD₿: How Bitcoin and Lightning Can Boost Productivity (an article) by Sam Callahan

TD₿: Guy Swann at Swan Salon, Miami (a video) with Alex Stanczyk

TD₿: Should You Mine Bitcoin (an article) by Keaton Rickard

TD₿: The Story of Swan Bitcoin (a short video) featuring Cory Klippsten

TD₿: Robert Kennedy Jr. Makes Campaign Debut at Bitcoin 2023: ‘Free Money is as Important as Free Expression’ (an article) by Peter Chawaga

TD₿: Michael Saylor on Bitcoin and Artificial Intelligence (a short video) featuring Michael Saylor and Natalie Brunnel

TD₿: Stablecoin Giant Tether To Allocate Up to 15% of Profits Towards Bitcoin (a news release)

TD₿: How Bitcoin Revitalized El Salvador's Economy (a short video) featuring Natalie Brunell

TD₿: Get Swan Premium for Free for a Year

TD₿: We Need More Apps with Lightning, not More Lightning Apps (an article) by Roy Sheinfeld

TD₿: Why China Banned Bitcoin (a video) featuring Ted Cruz

TD₿: HRF Bitcoin Development Fund Grants $455,000 to 12 Projects Worldwide (an article) by The Human Rights Foundation

TD₿: Bitcoin & the Doom Debt Spiral (a short video) by Jeff Booth

TD₿: One Year Until The Bitcoin Halving: Analyzing Holder Dynamics (an article) by Dylan LeClair and Craig Deutch

TD₿: I Am Opposed to CBDCs and Support Bitcoin (a Twitter thread) by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

TD₿: Bitcoin Price Discovery (a short video) featuring Max Keiser

TD₿: Who Benefits from the New York Times' Attacks on Bitcoin (an article) by Level39

TD₿: How The New York Times Lied About Bitcoin (a short video) featuring Pierre Rochard and Natalie Brunell

TD₿: "Adopt Bitcoin or I'll Move" (A video testimony) by Jack Mallers

TD₿: Bitcoin: More Relevant, More Urgent, More Ready (an article) by Ulric Pattillo

TD₿: The Banking System vs. Bitcoin (an article) by John Haar

TD₿: Will the US Empire Collapse the Same as the Roman Empire Did? (a short twitter thread with animated charts) by Luke Mikic

TD₿: Bitcoin Policy Summit Live from Washington, DC (a Livestreamed Conference) by The Bitcoin Policy Institute

TD₿: Bitcoin's Price Explained (a short video) by Michael Saylor

TD₿: The Bitcoin Wiki (a whole site) by The Bitcoin Community

TD₿: Bitcoin Puts Power in the Hands of Workers (an Article) by Frank Kushner

TD₿: Bitcoin Is Perfect for Rural America (an Article) by Hongumart

TD₿: Binance: Raising Eyebrows Since 2017 (an article) by Sam Callahan

TD₿: The Right Questions to Ask to Avoid Bitcoin IRA Icebergs (an Article) by Terrence Yang and Jeremy Showalter

TD₿: Can Academia Give Bitcion a Fair Shake (an article) by Hannah Wolfman-Jones

TD₿: The New York Times’ Politically Driven Attack on Bitcoin Mining Is Full of Distortions & Outright Falsehoods (a Press Release Response) by Riot Platforms

TD₿: The Bitcoiner's Dilemma (an Article) by DJ Valerie B Love

TD₿: Specter Desktop Relaunches with New UI and Improved User Experience (an article) by Moritz Wietersheim

TD₿: The United State of Bitcoin (an Article) by Tomer Strolight

TD₿: Bitcoin: Millennial's Financial Lifeboat w/Natalie Brunell (a YouTube Video) by Swan Bitcoin

TD₿: Bitcoin Deserves Some Space in Your Portfolio (a Bloomberg Article) by Alexis Leondis

TD₿: Schrödinger's Coin Model 🐈 Valuing Bitcoin as a Store of Value (a Twitter Thread) by AlphaZeta

TD₿: The CBO and Taking the Treasury’s Debt Temperature (an Article) by James Lavish

TD₿: No Way Bitcoin Can Get to $??? (a Twitter Thread) by Luke Broyles

TD₿: The Bitcoin Farmer (a Video) by Cointelegraph

TD₿: In the Face of Banking Crisis, the Bitcoin Price Rise Is Proving Us Right (an Article) by Robert Hall

TD₿: Bitcoin Basics: Key Information for Beginners (a comprehensive reference) by D.N. Comply

TD₿: Why a CBDC Will NOT Promote Financial Inclusion (an article) by Sam Callahan

TD₿: Why a CBDC Will NOT Promote Financial Inclusion (an article) by Sam Callahan

TD₿: A New Separation of Powers (an article) by Tomer Strolight

TD₿: Where Are We Going (an article) by Levi Johnson

TD₿: Bitcoin's Meme Wars (an article) by Gigi

TD₿: Debunking Common Bitcoin Myths (an article) by Yassine Elmandjra

TD₿: How the Fed “Went Broke” (an article) by Lyn Alden

TD₿: Monetary Debasement vs. Supply Shocks (an article) by Lyn Alden

TD₿: Dear Family, Dear Friends - A letter to all of you who still have no bitcoin (a letter) by Gigi

TD₿: Bitcoin is a Rally Cry (an article) by Parker Lewis

TD₿: Fractional Reserve Banking is Obsolete (an article) by Pierre Rochard

TD₿: A Look at Bank Solvency (an article) by Lyn Alden

TD₿: Why a CBDC Will NOT Promote Financial Inclusion (an article) by Sam Callahan

TD₿: The Implications of Open Monetary and Information Networks (an article) by Lyn Alden

TD₿: The Gloom of Central Banking (a paper) by Tuur Demeester

TD₿: Is BitCoin a triple entry system? (an article) by Ian Grigg

TD₿: End the Federal Reserve | Hard Money

TD₿: Jeff Booth and Troy Cross | The Bitcoin Transition | Swan Signal E98

TD₿: Bitcoin Is Time

TD₿: Bitcoin Mining Has a MASSIVE Problem | Hard Money (a video) by Swan Studios

TD₿: Preston Pysh & James Davolos | Bitcoin, Inflation, and Hard Assets (a podcast) by Swan Signal

TD₿: Bitcoin, Not Crypto | Hard Money (a video) by Swan Studios

TD₿: Dr. Jeff Ross & James Lavish | Hedge funds, Inflation and Bitcoin (a podcast) by Swan Signal

TD₿: SLP459 Q1 and Bitcoin Security with NVK (a Podcast) by Stephan Livera

TD₿: Did aggregate prices go back to their previous level, or no? (a thread) by Lyn Alden

TD₿: Lawrence Lepard & Greg Foss | Gold, Bonds and Bitcoin (a podcast) by Swan Signal

TD₿: Bitcoin Adoption in Africa | Hard Money (a video) by Swan Studios

TD₿: Dear Family, Dear Friends by Gigi

TD₿: A Sly Roundabout Way | a Bitcoin Film from IBEX

TD₿: Bitcoin is Hope for Africa featuring Farida Nabourema (a podcast) by Natalie Brunell

TD₿: Am I Too Late for Bitcoin? (an article) by Croesus BTC

TD₿: Future of Bitcoin: Lightning Network | Hard Money (a video) by Swan Studios

TD₿: Lyn Alden & Parker Lewis | Bitcoin: the Inflation Solution (a podcast) by Swan Signal

TD₿: The Bullish Case for Bitcoin (an article) by Vijay Boyapati

TD₿: How To Self Custody Your Bitcoin (a tutorial video) by BTC Sessions

TD₿: Bitcoin First (a research study) by Fidelity

TD₿: Is Japan on the Verge of Disaster? (a short video) by Swan Studios

TD₿: Bitcoin is Not a Ponzi Scheme by Matt Odell

TD₿: The Art of Bitcoin with Max Keiser

TD₿: Bitcoin's Next Bull Run and Macro Outlook 2023

TD₿: Bitcoin and Time Preference

TD₿: Bitcoin: A Year in Review

TD₿: Bitcoin in 2023

TD₿: Bitcoin is Not a Hedge

TD₿: How Bitcoin Changed An Entire Nation (a short video) by Max DeMarco

TD₿: Bitcoin is Beautiful (a short film) by Tomer Strolight

TD₿: Green Eggs and Ham: Decentralized Finance: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly by Allen Farrington and Anders Larson

TD₿: Once They See (a thread) by Troy Cross

TD₿: Bitcoin Seed Phrases (a thread) by Danny Diekroeger

TD₿: Can Bitcoin and Fiat Co-Exist? (a podcast) by Saifedean Ammous

TD₿: Bitcoin is Not Backed by Nothing by Parker Lewis

TD₿: How Bitcoin Enforces Human Rights (a film) by Anita Posch

TD₿: Proof-of-Work - the Planetary Scale Digital Monument by Andreas Antonopoulos

TD₿: Schrödinger's Bitcoin (a thread) by Gigi

TD₿: Genesis Block - Jan 3rd | Not Your Keys Not Your Bitcoin Day (a video) by BITC0IN